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Our strong points are the quality of our passing and of our intelligent game.
Just when it doesn't need them, USC has other questions on special teams entering the season in areas that were strong points in the past.
Young pilgrims from around the world will share in various cultural activities in the dioceses, already considered to be one of the strong points of World Youth Day wherever they are held," the statement continues.
These strong points render the book's shortcomings all the more unfortunate.
I had to sell them on their strong points and go to each person and tell them in what areas they could improve," recalls Smith.
The "Introduction" is one of the strong points of this collection of essays.
Ethanol is not without its strong points, of course.
Overall, two strong points of the book emerge: 1) a total of 37 excellent tips with examples spread throughout the book involving officers in court and 2) two appendices on cross-examinations that provide insight to officers and other witnesses as to what they may expect at a trial.
Moral dilemmas aside, Pelecanos is an excelent writer, Plot, action, and characterization ire strong points and embellished by Allen's superb narration, One senses both the author and narrator know this world where "cool" is king.
SUBTLETY has never been one of her strong points but even we are surprised to hear Kerry Katona's thoughts on Jenny Frost.
Ask Moran his strong points, and he quickly answers, ``I hit a good golf ball.
A CHIC dress sense has never been one of Christina Aguilera's strong points but this little red number makes a change from her leather chaps.
The movie's strong points are its clever chase sequences, in which Jaa outruns (or levitates over) gangs of murderous baddies through obstacle courses of everyday Bangkok commerce and street traffic.
Play him in any position, and he will still be one of the strong points of your team.
In fact, ``Girl'' so slavishly apes its predecessor - without, of course, most of its strong points - that I figured there would be some kind of ``based-on'' screenplay credit at the end of the movie.