strong interaction

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(physics) the interaction that binds protons and neutrons together in the nuclei of atoms

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The strong interactions between hydrate and membrane may seriously slow down the diffusion of hydrate in the membrane.
The structure functions of nucleons and the definition of the coupling constant of the strong interaction.
Chapter 7 examines the final stage of this intricate development that led to the first formulation of QCD in the early 70s; it highlights in particular the crucial bridging role played by the gauge-theoretic understanding of gluons between the 'color' SU(3) symmetry and the inter-quark strong interactions (hence 'chromodynamics', although the term 'color' in this context has no link with its usual meaning).
Fred Hoyle predicted that there must be a resonance in carbon, based upon the strong interaction, to allow carbon to form in stars.
Considering that the strong interaction between cTnI and troponin C (TnC) is [Ca.
Firstly, SHM allows a mathematical formulation in the form of an equation resembling the Schwinger equation of the theory of fields with a strong interaction [7] (with the Reynolds number in the role of the measure of the interaction 'strength'; the similarity is the closest for the systems of photon-type particles, i.
The workshop witnessed strong interaction between the MSFNCA and other representatives of the ministry who showed interest in identifying proper procedures to communicate their requests to the FNC through the MSFNCA.
oThe sessions of the Federal National Council (FNC) highlight the strong interaction and resolve of the UAE Government and the ministers in supporting socio-economic policies,o said Dr Gargash.
But they found a very strong interaction between medication and [A[beta].
It has been reported that precipitated silica, the most commonly used white reinforcing filler, could form a strong interaction with CR (ref.
The Fourth Gospel also presents a serious problem because most scholars would assume it shows a strong interaction with the Hellenistic way of thinking, as well as fairly strong anti-Semitism.
Assessors were impressed with the Community Housing Group's all-round performance and particularly its focus on improvement, strong leadership, motivated employees and strong interaction with its customers and community.
Due to the great strong interaction and support received, the three hours usually applied for this function were not sufficient, and the discussions exceeded by over half an hour.
This means that in the given approximation one cannot obtain experimental restriction on the strong interaction dependent parts of the radiative corrections.
DEUL: Water resource management is complex due to strong interaction between pulp, water, contaminants, additives, and process equipment.