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The Psalms are pretty strong drink for most people, and most of our speakers are beyond the legal drinking age in most states," says spokesperson Barbara Groark.
Ralph's Perry is about 6% in alcohol and therefore a deceptively strong drink.
I have had the privilege of traveling around the world in search of great beers," says Russell, "and whether in Austria or Norway, crafting a strong drink to celebrate the winter solstice is a universal tradition.
The plus point is it is very concentrated so you don't need much to make a strong drink.
Upper management is looking for revenue; now's your chance to demonstrate the dollars a strong drink program delivers.
The temperance movement, however, did generate excitement and activity, and Southern Baptists welcomed various methods to control strong drink.
As a "A Switchman's Wife" explained in the Switchmen's Journal in 1887: "Our aim is to get our husbands and ourselves together so that we can spend an evening once in a while in a more profitable way than for them to go to town and get a little too much strong drink.
Finally, a gravedigger known to be fond of strong drink agreed to take on the task, and Nathaniel Hickok's mortal remains were transported to Elmwood Cemetery.
What had begun early in the nineteenth century as a campaign among Protestants (and, later, many Irish Catholics) to promote voluntary abstinence from strong drink had metamorphosed by the century's latter decades into a drive to prohibit the use of such beverages entirely.
Dark Ages, by contrast, promised cigars, strong drink, Robert Bork, and lots of warm Phoenix weather.
Avoid strong drink by mixing a lot of water in with your wine.
The Band of Hope organisation was founded in Leeds in 1847 by Jabez Tunnicliffe to teach children the evils of taking strong drink.
A cup of tea is the choice for Leonard Hurt who has never tasted strong drink in his long and varied life.
Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.