strong belief

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an unshakable belief in something without need for proof or evidence

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When I leave here I just want the players to have a really strong belief in themselves whoever comes in to manage this.
This is further evidence of Deloitte's strong belief in Abu Dhabi's strategic investments which we are backing up with the recent launch of a solid Emiratisation programme within the company," added Fahoum.
The company was set with a strong belief that industrialization is the correct choice for the economy's diversification and accelerating the wheel of development in the Kingdom.
We both have a strong belief -entirely different I admit - but nevertheless a strong belief.
Kat, the most pragmatic person of the group, finally sees with the spirit eyes and knows that she has the power to save her daughter because she now has a strong belief in the light.
His strong belief in new age mysticism is apparent as you lay eyes on the gleaming four-story high pyramid he had built to serve as a cosmic wine-aging facility.
We're operating our church out of a strong belief that we have the right to be doing this, and that the zoning commission is violating our constitutional rights, "Alex Pritts says.
Much like Reboot from Mainframe (see story on page 24), there is a strong belief at YTV that Xcalibur will have a long shelf life.
Two key things influenced my decision to come out of retirement to lead Fortiva - the strength and experience of the management team and my strong belief that on-demand services are on the verge of fundamentally changing the way businesses acquire and deploy software," said Eric Goodwin, CEO, Fortiva.
1 : strong belief or trust <I have faith in our leaders.
Elliott's strong belief in the importance of giving back to the community.
Our entire staff has a strong belief that every child can succeed regardless of background,'' Principal Pam Hill said.
Approval of the company's buyback program, indeed reflects not only our strong belief that Pilgrim's stock is undervalued, given our current reserve prospect and economic evaluation, but also our commitment to shareholder's wealth maximization.
Domingo also expressed his strong belief that staging all four works over the course of a week - like the annual festival in Beyreuth, Germany - would attract the summer festival crowd.
My decision to join Echo Global Logistics was the result of a strong belief in its people, culture, technology and a proven business model that reflects the future of business process outsourcing for transportation management," said Mr.