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Synonyms for stroller

someone who walks at a leisurely pace

a small vehicle with four wheels in which a baby or child is pushed around

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"Well, Rob the Stroller, with a little attention to your skin and clothes you would not be so bad a man," said the Sheriff.
"Rob the Stroller has ever been a free man, my Lord, and desires no service."
"Rob the Stroller," said he, "here is the golden arrow which has been offered to the best of archers this day.
The companion app indicates how much power is left and allows you to set an alarm if someone tries to pull the stroller away.
Three women successfully managed to shoplift a stroller from a New York store until one of them realised she had forgotten her baby inside the shop.
After a bit of research I found a wonderful Dog Sporty Stroller, which enabled us to get back out on the hills and run and walk together again (well, one of us was walking and running anyway, the other was enjoying the ride).
FIT4MOM Greater Northwest Chicago Suburbs lead a free Stroller Strides fitness class for moms and their stroller-aged children at The Arboretum of South Barrington on May 10.
Stroller size will be limited to 31 inches wide and 52 inches long, and no stroller wagons will be permitted.
* Accessorise: Before heading out, check the weather and gear up your stroller. Sometimes, you'll be gone for hours or even the entire day, and you'll want to ensure you have everything you need, rain or shine.
She maintained that the stroller swinging was solely a gesture she did to protect Dream and King Cairo, her son with hip hop artist  Tyga. 
Summary: The model was caught on video attempting to swing a bright-pink toy car stroller
Villania, in a separate interview, said she left her phone in her son's stroller while she and Primo were looking out for some stuff at the store.
Make sure that you save some energy after the stroller walk event, organised by the Baby Academy in Limassol, because there is lots more planned.
Reportedly, the stroller, which was found as locked by unknown people between police department and Directorate of Tax Administration, was tipped-odd by the locals on suspicion of a bomb.
Sunderland Stroller Malcolm Cox had set himself the goal of running an unofficial marathon distance around Lake Windermere before cycling the 90 miles to the start line of the Dark Skies Run at Kielder where he would finish with his second run over marathon distance of the day.