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scientific instrument that provides a flashing light synchronized with the periodic movement of an object

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A work like "Catch," ostensibly a fishing scene, is actually an efflorescence of forms, with the figure of the fisherman rendered stroboscopically, the visage rendered in a succession of movements.
Aliens," displaying flashes of intelligence and a relaxed pace that should please parents who stumbled out of the latter nursing stroboscopically induced migraines.
Perceptual stability of a stroboscopically lit visual field containing self-luminous objects.
Quantum evolution in H is effected stroboscopically by a unitary operator U: the "wave-vector" [psi] [member of] H specifying the state of the system at time t is mapped into U[psi], the state at time t + 1.
The patient was started on a twice-daily proton-pump inhibitor and was followed every month stroboscopically.