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scientific instrument that provides a flashing light synchronized with the periodic movement of an object

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4) For example, in a patient with a poor voice following laryngeal surgery and a "normal looking larynx," stroboscopic light reveals adynamic segments that explain the problem even to an untrained observer (such as the patient).
Project Name: Tianjin dongli hospital digital medical x ray radiography system (double plate dr)&multifunctional electronic stroboscopic digital endoscope project
The stroboscopic effect on Unilux's strobe lights is generated with short, bright flashes of light to create a freeze-frame effect so that operators can see the web as if it's standing still.
For the visual analysis a stroboscopic effect was exploited: the shutter of the camera is triggered through a controlling device, which can be synchronized with the blade speed.
Unlike B-MAC protocol, X-MAC protocol uses several shorter stroboscopic preambles to replace the long consecutive preamble (as shown in Figure 2) and utilizes the handshaking mechanism to further reduce the energy consumption caused by the transmission of the preamble.
From the above, it is easy to understand that the RCD for "dynamic testing" is to be designed as a stroboscopic one, which is consistent with the concept of group-theoretical methods of reconstruction.
She was soon followed by her allies and enemies who were holding their ribbons, and so, the stage became a place of intense commotion of red and white circles to the sound of loud metallic music and stroboscopic lighting.
That might sound odd - but as you watched the guys walk through the airport amid a stroboscopic display of camera flashes, you could see why he would want to get away from it all.
Stroboscopic units provide a fractional microsecond flash duration, which is triggered by a microphone set a few inches from the muzzle.
In addition, in this survey, only photographs were presented without any knowledge of the case history, voice analyses, and stroboscopic findings.
MS3 will also take digital photos by means of a stroboscopic, high-resolution digital photographic module and then combine them with the LiDAR data to create more realistic 3-D images.
For Cendrars, and for other poets since, cinematic thinking was a way to apply a complex, stroboscopic structure to dream and memory fragments that themselves lacked any abstraction or metaphysics.
One of the finest works is Olafur Eliasson's Model for a timeless garden, 2011, a set of fountains whose droplets appears frozen in midair by the effects of stroboscopic lamps in a pitch black room.
Another method is to use a stroboscopic system and a standard CCD and was thought to have potential for the amateur astronomer.
Some have used video stroboscopic examination, ultrasonography14, voice handicap index and even histological examination of vocal cords (in a study involving cat model) for assessment of results of both therapeutic modalities.