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cone-shaped mass of ovule- or spore-bearing scales or bracts

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The xylem studied in this species is derived from study of the vascular plexus, which interconnects strobilus, leaves, and root (see Introduction for a description of the plant body).
The vascular plexus that interconnects root with juncture between leaves and strobilus does not even take the form of any discernable stem or stelar configuration.
The controversy was resolved by the Swedish paleobotanist Rudolf Florin (1938-45) who demonstrated a reduction series, starting with ancestral Cordaitales and early, now extinct, coniferous groups, in which the ovulate strobilus was indeed a branched structure.
The "cone" varies from that of an obvious strobilus (Fig.
4lb higher than for last two starts and plenty of unexposed sorts lining up here, not least Rose Of Petra, a stablemate of the Newmarket winner Time has quickly shown that there was no disgrace in finishing behind Strobilus at this track a fortnight ago.
The male reproductive organs of the Cordaitales consisted of elongated clusters of strobili, each strobilus composed of spirally disposed sterile scales and fertile scales, or microsporophylls.
These have been interpreted variously; most commonly, perhaps, as a strobilus composed of a stalk and two megasporophylls, the collars, each bearing an ovule.
Punters should note that he was coupled with Cherry Mix in the betting, as were Kirklees and Strobilus in the Gran Criterium.
Philip Robinson sent Strobilus off in front, but Dettori took over on Kirklees towards the end of the back straight.
Strobilus, with whom he is coupled in the betting, won a Lingfield nursery off top weight in the style of a Group performer.
Biennial strobilus production in balsam fir: A review of its morphogenesis and a discussion of its apparent physiological basis.
Philip Robinson won on both his booked rides, taking the nursery on 5-1 Prospect Place and following up on 2-9 chance Strobilus in the juvenile maiden.
Strobilus, owned by Sheikh Mohammed and trained by Michael Jarvis, was a warm order to follow up his promising debut second at Newmarket, and those who laid the odds never had much cause for anxiety as he came home a comfortable two and a half lengths clear of the newcomer Aureate.
The compound ovulate strobilus typical of conifers also occurs in the Gnetophyta.
The Taxaceae are characterized by a unique reproductive structure that has fueled prolonged and insightful discussion about interpretation and origin of the complex compound megasporangiate strobilus of other conifers (Buchholz, 1934, 1948; Chamberlain, 1935; Coulter & Chamberlain, 1917; Florin, 1931, 1948c, 1951, 1954; Gaussen, 1979; Janchen, 1949; Keng, 1969; Pilger, 1903, 1916a, 1916b, 1926; Robertson, 1907; Sahni, 1920; Saxton, 1934; Sugihara, 1943, 1946; Sporne, 1965; Wang et al.