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scientific instrument that provides a flashing light synchronized with the periodic movement of an object

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Tender notice number : AJ-46806, FLAMEPROOF STROBE LIGHT FITTINGS
In 2008, the Cambridge graduate, 50, had revealed that during his time with MI6, he had received training on how to use strobe lights to distract people.
Another unit, the Stealth, has all of the easy-to-use features of the Ultra--without the alarm and strobe light.
Each individual inspection application is still the driving force in selecting the best strobe light for the job.
It's alleged that that night, on roads in Peterhead and Fraserburgh, he used the strobe light to flag down the two cars.
In the forming section, as the reliability and precision of online tools such as the NDC backscatter gauge, high intensity strobe lights, and high speed video have improved, so has the net value of troubleshooting results, said White.
Once a decision is made to stop the boat, the blue strobe light is turned on and the go-fast is told to halt using a marine radio and/or loudspeakers.
The SMART program receieved a suggestion about the strobe light on top of the M1097 shop equipment contact maintenance (SECM) truck interfering with a SINCGARS signal.
People want to light up and run around the room or play strobe light in bed.
Each 9 1/2' tower is topped with a blue light that becomes a powerful strobe light in an emergency.
Among its recommendations: Make fire alarms more useful to deaf people by adding a flashing strobe light to the devices' familiar shrieks.
Initially, the strobe light requirements were very strict, but due to Underwriters Laboratories research, more flexible designs are now available.
For production monitoring, Bamar's CIM system also tracks all ongoing jobs and alerts technicians to impending job completions - first on the MCIM and later with a strobe light.
in a darkened room, he kept the shutter (or "eye") of his camera open, and flashed a strobe light on the bug.
Activated by a gun shop's alarm, Flash Fog combines a synthetic high-density fog and bright plasma strobe light to stop gun shop burglaries.