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scientific instrument that provides a flashing light synchronized with the periodic movement of an object

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During our initial research and case study we found that 92% of the people entering a building with our strobe technology immediately looked directly at the cameras.
The Strobe 500 is well-equipped for use in a wide range of business applications, possessing strong qualities of both mobile and desktop scanners.
Strobe will incorporate media player features found in Adobe[R] Flash[R] Media Server 3.
Measuring a Java application couldn't be easier and requires no changes to the application or environment," said Bruce Klenk, STROBE Product Manager.
Adobe's Strobe allows Omniture to enable key functionalities, such as in-depth analytics, indicating how consumers interact with content.
The SCM provides strobe pulse width control over a 10 to 1,000 usecond range via either manual or digital modes (switch selectable at the unit).
a leader in intelligent imaging solutions, today announced the Strobe XP 220, Visioneer's most advanced sheetfed scanner that scans a full page in merely 6 seconds and is the only mobile scanner to include Kofax([R]) VRS[TM] technology.
New enclosures for use with audible strobe and strobe appliances have been introduced by Wheelock, Inc.
Strobe Pro Provides 30-bit Color, Revolutionary Speed and Ease of Use to All
The Sassy Grass six-pack Shaker 'Cuda (Lot #1345) is highlighted by a one-off chartreuse strobe stripe and a 440cid/390hp six-pack V8 engine covered by a factory Shaker hood.
Strobe, PaperPort Strobe Serial, PaperPort mx, PaperPort Vx and
Other features Include switchable threshold voltage strobe receiver, perfect matching between strobe and data receivers, and wide power supply tolerance.
The strobe has a 15/75 candela rating and provides the equivalent facilitation allowed under ADA accessibility guidelines.
they've come to expect from Visioneer Strobe, now with the cost