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scientific instrument that provides a flashing light synchronized with the periodic movement of an object

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Similarly, the controller can implement delays between the clock and each byte group strobes, individually adjusting the strobe flight times with respect to the clock, so that timing relationship between the clock and each strobe can be met independently of each other, hence flexibility in routing of the data byte groups.
Hot Sync works over the entire power range of the strobe from 9Ws up to 300Ws
The strobes are controlled via DMX and can be programmed in advance to accommodate any lighting shows on the horizon.
While many manufacturers struggle with this requirement, Dialight's strobes are about six times better than this limit.
The product will be available with a complete five-year limited warranty on all FlashGuardtm XR Series Strobe Systems and Lighting Kits.
The strobe eyewear disrupts vision by only allowing the user to see glimpses of the world.
For the inaugural Vancouver meet up Appnovation is pleased to welcome presenters Luis Sala, Strobe Director of Technical Account Management, and Tom Dale, Strobe Senior Software Engineer and SproutCore Core Team Member.
Siskin, a professional commercial and fine art photographer, shares how to pick the right strobe light sources and modifiers and use them effectively in digital photography.
LIFEPATH is the only patented, wireless, battery operated, strobe light and sound emergency Exit Marking safety technology that works in combination with any new or existing home alarm.
They wrote: "The lights were bright and flashing in a very high speed manner - faster than any aeroplane strobe lights and much brighter and larger.
A HELICOPTER winchman told an inquest yesterday flares or a waterproof strobe light would help save lives at sea.
Jan (right) and Emma Sheldon at the Belgrade Theatre which has offered to switch off its strobe lighting so a friend with epilepsy can see the show.
I realized every time after the strobe light went off, he'd laugh.
The line includes the Weatherproof Strobe, Audible Strobe, Audible Horn, and Multitone Strobe, which can resist temperatures ranging from -35 degrees to +66 degrees Celsius and are rated for 75 candela at -35 degrees Celsius.
Flashing white strobe lights were tested Thursday on a Metro Orange Line bus as MTA officials considered whether to repaint the 60-foot-long gray buses a brighter color to make them more visible and reduce collisions.