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Synonyms for strive



Synonyms for strive

to exert one's mental or physical powers, usually under difficulty and to the point of exhaustion

to make an attempt to do or make

Synonyms for strive

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STRIVE reportedly provides funds to patient advocacy organisations to develop unique and collaborative programs that will make meaningful contributions to the rare disease community by increasing awareness, diagnosis, education or fostering development of future patient advocates.
Strive leverages the influence and expertise of volunteer mentors to guide eligible students through the college application and financial aid process.
STRIVE attempted to improve basic education in these impoverished and predominantly rural regions.
The overall Virgin Strive Challenge aims to raise PS750,000 for Big Change projects, which support young people in the UK in developing the life skills they need.
8220;The fact that companies like Strive are migrating to our city is indicative of the talent, energy and financing opportunities in Madison.
I strive for a high level of student engagement in classroom guidance lessons with the use of PowerPoint presentations and the Internet.
Assuming our existence to be one subjected entirely to human awareness, there is no cause to strive.
Nevertheless, they must constantly strive for perfection and be held accountable to the appropriate extent when they miss the mark.
Bertolt Brecht dismissed play wrights who "hate capitalism because it is not harmless as they themselves strive to be.
Two: We will strive to satisfy our customers and employees.
Men strive to control women by various means and with variable success, while women strive to resist coercion and maintain their choices," they say.
Communities have been using the Strive Roadmap as a guiding template since it was first conceptualized 5 years ago.
M2 EQUITYBITES-October 30, 2015-PTC Therapeutics announces the STRIVE Grant Awards Programme for the Cystic Fibrosis community
M2 PHARMA-October 30, 2015-PTC Therapeutics announces the STRIVE Grant Awards Programme for the Cystic Fibrosis community
com)-- Second Chance, a San Diego-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to creating opportunities for self-sufficiency through job readiness training programs and comprehensive wrap-around services, has been awarded a two year, $820,000 grant by STRIVE to provide training and employment services to formerly incarcerated juveniles and young adults in San Diego County.