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a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music

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Italian American Ann Corio, a stripteaser throughout the 1930s, remembers incidences of state power over sexual representation, and the tricks employed to safeguard illicit shows:
Given the tendency of butches to bind their breasts, wear men's clothing, and spurn feminine artifice, was stripteaser a primarily femme occupational category?
See Carol Rambo Ronai and Rabecca Cross, "Dancing with Identity: Narrative Resistance of Male and Female Stripteasers," Deviant Behavior 19, no.
Acts began appearing in the "Sideshows by the Seashore" at Coney Island, and in the underground cabaret "Dutch Weisman's Follies," which featured stripteasers and showgirls.
She got all the stripteasers to put robes on over their g-strings and parade outside the theatre flashing passersby and shouting, "Don't go in there, boys
South Korean director Lee Chang-Dong's "Poetry" was named best screenplay while Frenchman Mathieu Amalric won the best director prize for "On Tour," about a troupe of buxom American stripteasers touring French seaside towns.
Still the premier club of its kind in the UK, no expense has been spared at Diamante's night to create a surreal experience that incorporates circus acts, beautiful stripteasers and the downright weird.
Referees have the power to book players for over elaborate goal celebrations, so it would be simple for the FA to instruct officials to show yellow cards to the stripteasers.