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a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music

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An actor must restrain herself--hold back what she has inside, like a striptease artist.
4, at 27; Gypsy Rose Lee, real name Rose Louise Hovick, celebrated striptease artist and author, Apr.
Anna Nobili, 38, who has spent years working as an exotic dancer and striptease artist in nightclubs in Milan, decided to exchange her string bikinis and high heels for a nun's habit after a visit to the shrine of St Francis in Assisi.
The last-ever edition of the reinvention programme, has Welsh cleaner Sharon Pallister swapping her feather duster for a boa to become a striptease artist.
Organised by Tamara Tyrer and former striptease artist Tara Clifton, The Whoopee Club is a cabaret club featuring acts such as Miss Immodesty Blaize and her tantalising tassles, a trapeze act and the intriguingly-named Horse Girl.
Inside the bedroom, things begin to happen, various people pushing particular agendas from a frenzied manager to a striptease artist invade the acting area.
Striptease artist Alison McKinnon, 30, allegedly had the heroin bandaged to her chest.
Mat, a regular burlesque host at New York's Slipper Room and winner of the UK's Erotic Award for Best Male Striptease artist 2007, adds: "I've never had a problem with nudity.
With more than 15 years of entertaining 'tucked firmly into her bra-strap' (her words, not mine), Mysti is an accomplished stand-up comedienne, compre, variety, burlesque, cabaret and striptease artist.
We didn't have the name at that time but off we went,'' added Marilyn who sighs -because it's the umpteenth time -as she relates that the unusual tag came from a crack by a friend about a singing diva cum striptease artist he'd seen in Latin America.
Entertainment for the burlesque-themed night included tarot card readers, dancers and a striptease artist famous for performing in a giant Champagne glass.
Guests partied until 4am at the burlesquethemed night included tarot card readers, dancers and a striptease artist famous for performing in a giant Champagne glass