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Synonyms for striptease

a performer who provides erotic entertainment by undressing to music

a form of erotic entertainment in which a dancer gradually undresses to music

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Morrocccan-born Imane Fadil, 27, said former TV showgirl Nicole Minetti, 28, and another guest Barbara Fagioli, 26, performed a dual 'Sister Act' striptease for Berlusconi at the first party Fadil attended at the villa in February 2010.
Showgirls could be classed as so-bad-it's-almost-good - but Striptease is just plain bad.
Actress/singer/dancer and TV personality Carmen Electra ("Starsky & Hutch," "Scary Movie," "Baywatch") has partnered with Beverly Hills-based marketing agency DNA Studio to create a five-part striptease aerobics series: Carmen Electra's Aerobic Striptease (http://www.
London, Sept 10 (ANI): Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is said to have enjoyed a sexy striptease from lapdancers who were dressed as nuns at one of his infamous "bunga bunga" parties.
STUNNING Candice Stowe is left red-faced and half-dressed after performing a sexy striptease to tempt boyfriend Warren Baldwin into bed.
But, for a few hours each week, she gets back in touch with her feminine side, arching, gyrating and slithering to a striptease workout.
This two-channel projection thus summa rized the thirty-four "Distinguished Pieces" La Ribot has done so far, along with her first striptease from 1991.
No remembrances of Marie Taglioni at all; instead Schroeder practiced the usual nightclub exhibition routines, wriggling around the rod, wooing and caressing it like a fixed vibrator, then finally starting her slow-motion striptease.
Demi tried the same sort of role in Striptease - and it turned out to be a mega-flop.
The downfall of Kendall Coffey - South Florida's top federal law officer - mirrors Demi Moore's latest film Striptease in which a politician becomes violent at a Florida strip club after swilling champagne.
And Demi Moore reportedly conducted some research at Scores before starring in the movie Striptease.
Washington, Aug 19 (ANI): Former 'Friends' star Jennifer Aniston's new movie role as a 'nympho' dentist has her doing a sexy striptease.
A HARD-UP soccer team has swapped their strip for striptease in a bid to raise cash for their club.
While suggesting that there is no correct way to film Egypt's alterity, this play on (in)visibility shows that the camera itself forces every subject to striptease.
Demi Moore's raunchy film Striptease has been named as one of the two worst movies of the year.