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Synonyms for stripped-down

having only essential or minimal features


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They took the stripped-down Ford to the ice and really slid around, getting behind it on their skates and holding onto a binder twine rope.
Are you willing to settle down for a stripped-down version of Magiq for saving mere Rs.
According to the report, a stripped-down variant will help Volvo lower the price and compete with rivals such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi.
In addition to the stripped-down versions of smartphone chips, MediaTek will keep promoting 3G and TD-SCDMA chips.
But despite their stripped-down acoustic sound, Erasure are still able to pack a musical punch with a couple of acoustic guitars and a double bass ( and their classic hits Stop, A Little Respect and I Love to Hate You had the audience and their feather boas out of their seats.
Pleasantville" was shot on the set of the movie with the same name and features a neighborhood with partially restored cars that sets the scene for the commercial's message--people should be careful not to buy stripped-down auto coverage.
Kermesse, newly designed by Rikke Juellund with a modern, stripped-down rendering of the medieval city, has an elaborate comic plot that slaps down greed, lampoons seduction, and suggests the supernatural.
Interspersing images of stripped-down cars bombing down rural highways at night with sultry portraits of girls in various states of undress and intoxication, Andoe conjured a darkside Americana familiar from the work of Larry Clark and Harmony Korine (specifically Clark's "Tulsa" photographs, 1963-71, and the duo's collaboration on Kids [1995]), David Lynch's postmodern road movies Wild at Heart (1990) and Lost Highway (1997), and the sex'n' death novels of Dennis Cooper.
STRIPPED-DOWN HISTORY The current interest in C153 has its roots in observations that date from the early 1970s.
It does not have to offer competitors a stripped-down version of its OSes that they can alter.
Willys Overland was building stripped-down commercial trucks and vans.
The state attorneys acting in the ongoing antitrust case against Microsoft have claimed that they needed access to the code in order to verify the company's claim that it could not produce a stripped-down version of Windows for technical reasons.
A stripped-down version of Notes, called Notes Mail ($55), allows access to e-mail.
They then attach the second component, a stripped-down antibody known as a ligand or targeting molecule.