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Synonyms for striper

a serviceman who wears stripes on the uniform to indicate rank or years of service

caught along the Atlantic coast of the United States


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marine food and game fish with dark longitudinal stripes

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Captain Chris Carey of Striper Express Guide Service described his celebrity guest, "Randy White is down to earth, a pleasure to be with, and a great fisherman.
Graco Inc (NYSE:GGG) reported on Monday the launch of its new, improved LineLazer 3400, a one-gun airless line striper with upgrades that improve line accuracy and allow accessories to be used with it.
We are seeking bids for HP L360 Printer, Fiberglass Pipe Insulation, Paint Striper, Miller Tig Welder, Ford Escape, Air Compressor, Pavement Saw, Wachs Valve Operator
Stripers Forever survey respondents want to ban the harvest of large, prime breeding size stripers until the resource biomass stock is healthier.
OUTLINE white stripes with a black striper, then add another black line right down the middle.
According to Rainer Mayer, Managing Partner and Director, this is the first striper machine in the world, which can produce single jersey striper fabric of three or - by combination of individual feeders - also of more colours with 3.
SHY STRIPER You don't have to be a sensationalist to enjoy this trend.
My stripers cruise was in much calmer waters - around 150ft deep.
He forms a friendship with a candy striper at the hospital, and gradually decides to come clean about how he contracted HIV--it was from a brief relationship with a college girl, and not from a transfusion, as his family had told everyone.
In Striper Wars: An American Fish Story (Island Press, $26.
Available in four shapes--Checkerboard Double-Time, Plaid Striper Double-Time, Multi-Round Double-Time, and Multi-Liner Double-Time--each brush features two or more brush heads within the same ferrule.
The brushes come in four shapes: Checkerboard Double-Time[TM] (pictured here), Plaid Striper Double-Time[TM], Multi-Round Double-Time[TM] and Multi-Liner Double-Time[TM].
It's not about money," one anonymous Striper wrote on Jim Romenesko's media gossip Web site in January.
I admired his strenght and character because he broke the color barrier in baseball," says Nicole, who also volunteers as a candy striper.
But the commission opted to go with the status quo on striper rules.