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mined near the earth's surface by stripping

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TECO, the coalmining arm of Tampa Electric Company, has literally strip-mined the life out of the mountains surrounding Jenkins.
Skyline has strip-mined a massive area close to the watershed and has left behind red-stained acid streams.
Coal companies have strip-mined 500 square miles of West Virginia since 1981, and the pace has increased rapidly.
originally strip-mined three properties in Monroe County.
What first appears to be virgin wilderness is in effect a contemporary wasteland of crisscrossing barbed-wire fences and strip-mined valleys--a postindustrial graveyard.
And it's cheaper than what's being done today to reclaim most strip-mined lands.
The current federal policies, while benefiting the few at the expense of the taxpayer, have left a huge percentage of America's public lands strip-mined, blighted by clearcuts, crowded by condominiums--and utterly out of public control.
He has participated in landmark environmental and public law events in Ohio, including the Erie Nuclear Power Station proceedings, the filing of the first state cost recovery action under the federal Superfund Act, extensive re-drafting of Ohio's strip-mining laws to conform to the requirements of the federal Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act and the letting of millions of dollars in contracts for the clean-up of unreclaimed strip-mined lands in Ohio.
The Wayanses certainly strip-mined that lode for their spoofs of the (much smarter, not to mention funnier) ``Scream'' films.
Our once unmatched manufacturing production capabilities have been strip-mined and exported to Asia and Latin America, along with millions of blue collar jobs that provided a livelihood for middle-class families.
Restoring wildlife habitat has also made good economic sense in eastern Ohio, where recreational opportunities for horseback riders and hunters were increased by reforesting strip-mined land.