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They want to find a group of two to five friends to strip down to their undies and be snapped for a billboard advertising campaign.
I am pretty old; just got my first salary job and shaved my head except for a strip down the middle.
Tennant and cohort Chris Lowe don't strip down to bare acoustics here, but for the moment their trademark grandiosity is taking a backseat.
The R10 rental product is also lightweight and features a fast rig single kingpin design for quick set-up and strip down of the screen.
Not only does the 'Twilight' star strip down for the role of a 16-year-old bride, but simulates a certain sexual act with the two men with her hands in the car.
They attacked him and forced him to strip down to his underwear before they threw his clothes into Huddersfield Narrow Canal.
Bucking the convention of a navigation strip down the left-hand side, the Wilkinson Eyre site has the basic navigation in a smallish grey rectangle at the bottom right corner with an arrow and the word 'menu'.
She even forced Joel - who was celebrating his 24th birthday - to do an almost full monty and strip down to his boxer shorts.