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Synonyms for strip

Collins Thesaurus of the English Language – Complete and Unabridged 2nd Edition. 2002 © HarperCollins Publishers 1995, 2002

Synonyms for strip

to remove all the clothing from

to remove the skin of

to take or keep something away from

to rob of goods by force, especially in time of war

a long narrow piece, as of material

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Synonyms for strip

a relatively long narrow piece of something

Related Words

an airfield without normal airport facilities

a sequence of drawings telling a story in a newspaper or comic book

a form of erotic entertainment in which a dancer gradually undresses to music

remove substances from by a percolating liquid

lay bare

remove all contents or possession from, or empty completely

strip the cured leaves from

remove the thread (of screws)

Related Words

remove a constituent from a liquid

take off or remove

draw the last milk (of cows)

Related Words

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Advancement in electrochemical and photometric technology along with the introduction of new impregnation techniques, more stable color indicators and improvements in color gradation have all established test strips as a reliable diagnostic instrument which has augmented the growth of the global test strip market.
2 Similarly, referring to Diagram II-A, use 1 multicolor medium floral strip, 1 dark blue tone-on-tone strip, 1 blue floral strip, 1 light blue tone-on-tone strip, and 1 multicolor medium floral strip, make 3 band B's as shown.
From the gray faux suede, cut one 2 1/4"x the fabric width strip for row 1, one 1"x the fabric width strip for row 2, one 1 5/8"x the fabric width strip for row 2 and one 1 1/2"x the fabric width strip for row 5.
4 Align the ruler with the straight raw edge of the patches and trim the strip even.
Sew a blue 1 1/2" strip, a light orange 1" strip and a blue 1 3/4" strip together to make a band C.
It's an easy project as it's just a matter of stitching the strips of silk, velvets and velour upholstery fabric together and backing them with a lining fabric.
The integrity of urine strips is essential in obtaining accurate urinalysis test results.
If the rotary printing screen is handled carefully during the printing process, it is now possible to strip the screen with NovaJet more coveniently, than stripping with the chemicals.
The strip center segment has presented its share of challenges," said Mausour, "but it is improving steadily, along with the entire retail sector and lending market.
(A Passion for Tarpon author Andy Mill makes a good case for a little "rod shake" when fishing flies built with marabou or rabbit strip: "I slide the fly forward ...
IshidaEoACAOs UK distributor, clip strip specialist Index, supplied the system to Strategy Group.
Summary: Rafah, Gaza Strip, June 13, 2010, SPA -- The Secretary General of Arab League, Amr Moussa arrived in the Gaza Strip via Rafah Border Crossing with Egypt on his first visit to the Strip.
Notebook: Two back-to-back half-hours sold as a one-hour strip, barter only.
We tested as-received Almen strip (1480 MPa), additionally tempered strip (1100 MPa) and as-cast maraging steel strips (1000 MPa ) using both the DFT and SSI methods.
Key statement: A method for applying a breaker or other reinforcement layer to a carcass strip by strip includes the steps of calculating an end gap based upon a nominal strip width, the size of the carcass and the end count desired; calculating a distributed gap required to distribute the calculated end gap substantially equally between each strip; and applying the breaker strip by strip with each strip being separated from an adjacent strip by the distributed gap spacing.