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Synonyms for stringency

the fact or condition of being rigorous and unsparing

Synonyms for stringency

a state occasioned by scarcity of money and a shortage of credit


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conscientious attention to rules and details

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The evaluation process consists of assigning a stringency value (SV) of "1", if standardized requirement ([L.
If complying with environmental regulation is decreasing the efficiency of the firms, then the size of the informal sector will be increasing in the stringency of environmental regulation (Baksi and Bose, 2010).
therefore we are bound to show some stringency from our side," environment and forest secretary Sanjiv Kumar said.
The ILO regional Director in Beirut, Nada Nashef, went over the organization's activities in terms of organizing labor markets, cooperation between the public and private sectors and stringency in providing social protection and the right to organize.
2012) found evidence of improved quality in response to greater regulatory stringency in some, but not all nursing home quality measures, as well as some evidence of nursing staff substitution.
The Association continues its work in ensuring that the competitive position of UK surface finishing companies is not jeopardized by EU legislation enforced at radically different levels of stringency across member states.
Britain's creative industries are more highly prized than ever in these times of financial stringency so this event represents a timely insight into the potential future impact of the students who will graduate into this sector - and ultimately help to boost the economy.
Production has resumed at Lotus following a 60-day financial stringency period that Malaysian law insists upon following a sale, but future development at the plant, or the production of new models is unlikely until DRB-Hicom has completed a lengthy review of its acquisition.
The May 23 European Council is set to be a difficult one, as the leaders of EU Juggernaut Germany - Chancellor Angela Merkel and her FinMin Wolfgang Schaeuble - are staunch defenders of financial stringency and austerity.
Sensational glimpses of mature characteristic Bartok, incorporated imaginative East European stringency from woodwinds which contrasted splendidly with wild strings and a lugubrious tam tam.
The authors also find a positive and significant relationship between the stringency of state gasoline content regulations and tax incidence.
Liverpool is the poorer today for having seen its artistic offer so severely affected by economic stringency.
Whilst the impact of a European system of national energy saving obligations depends on its scope and stringency, note officials, a comprehensive system would significantly widen the market availability of energy services and could yield estimated savings of up to 100 million tonnes of oil equivalent (mtoe) in 2020.
Pellegrini writes that income and corruption contribute to the stringency of environmental policies.
Trehalose also suppresses bitterness, stringency, harsh flavors, and the odor of raw foods, meats and packaged foods.