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Music for Youth is a Suzuki-based stringed instrument program in which children practice with their parents at home to reinforce teachers' lessons.
Serenity III: More Peaceful Music on the Chapman Stick is music artist Michael Kollwitz's third CD of relaxing music created on the unique, uncommon stringed instrument created by Emmett Chapman, and known as The Chapman Stick (R) (more info about this marvelous instrument can be found on or on Wikipedia--it's classified as part of the guitar family, and known for its ability to play base lines, melody lines, chords or textures).
Koto is a traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument, which is similar to the Pakistani Santoor or Swarmandal whereas Shamisen is a three stringed instrument similar to a Banjo.
The oud is a pear-shaped stringed instrument with 11 or 12 strings grouped in 5 or 6 courses.
Stirling Council senior music tutor Lesley McEwan said: "We invite applications from any primary pupil who attends a school in Stirling Council area and plays a woodwind, brass, stringed instrument or guitar and is approximately Grade 1 standard.
Known for his Malwi style of singing that is authentic to the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Tipanya will be accompanied by artists playing both traditional and Western instruments including the dholak (folk drum), the harmonium, and the violin; Tipanya himself plays the tambura (stringed instrument) and the khartal (percussion instrument).
The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has officially registered chogan (Iranian polo--and more) and the Persian stringed instrument kamancheh on its List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.
The illustration shows him sitting in a field while holding an oud, a stringed instrument similar to a guitar.
3 Name the largest stringed instrument in an orchestra?
Which is the lowest pitched bowed stringed instrument? 3.
IF you have got an unwanted stringed Instrument lurking in the loft, a trip to Durham might prove informative and perhaps even lucrative.
We now look forward to learning to play the next stringed instrument in Year 5.
Conservatory students, who played on the violin, piano, cello and Chinese folk stringed instrument - guzheng, held a concert for Kyrgyzstanis.
It is a prized stringed instrument made by Antonio Stradivari, who died in 1737.
London, Apr 1 ( ANI ): The remains of what is believed to be the earliest stringed instrument in western Europe have been uncovered in Scotland.