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a very narrow necktie usually tied in a bow

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As these espalier branches are tied to horizontal wires positioned along the walls, each of the string ties has to be replaced too.
Whilst the seventies is suggested in metallics, string ties, ring details and cut outs.
The Seventies influence is also seen with metallics, string ties, ring details and cut-outs.
We affixed them to the index card with Velcro tabs or string ties.
UNLIKE decades past, women working in corporate America do not wear string ties and buttoned-up collars.
For the coolest look this year, you'll need the thinnest string ties and the boldest colours.
each year transforms a few dozen circuit boards and additional would-be components-typically 1,000 capacitors, 3,000 fuses, and 5,000 resistors-into earrings, cuff links, string ties, and brooches.
or a hair stylist!" He was wearing one of those scary cowboy string ties. The next day, in a bubble of golden light, I received the epiphany of a new career option: Writer/Manicurist in Residence at the beautiful SoHo boutique of fellow farm-participant J.
And now that some women are breaking through to the top in most occupations there are women like her all over the place--in their executive suits with the little string ties or floppy jabots and padded power-dressing shoulders.
The McHenry County 4-H Youth Foundation invites the community to the annual "String Ties, Boots & Blue Jeans" event from 5:30 to 11 p.m.