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a very narrow necktie usually tied in a bow

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The classic two-piece string tie bikini (right) is by Sunset Separates.
Wrapped in brown paper with a string tie, Tug Of Love, while a CD, is split into two sides - Dear Green Place and The Long Plain.
Mrs Greentree, a teaching assistant said, 'They used to have rucksacks, one that went over one shoulder and then one which went over both but now they are starting on Wednesday with string tie bags.
A 3-2 victory will ensure no-one needs to reach for their calculators but such a margin puts pressure on Del Harris, the world No 30, who faces Nick Matthew, the world No 24, in the third string tie.
Padding through town in a spiffy white linen suit and string tie, Dr.
The top half of the dress, with its beads and raunchy string tie section in the middle of the bust, make her look, dare I say it, cheap.
Resplendent in a black western dress suit, Givens enthusiastically shows off his pristine boots and silver-trimmed western string tie.
Wholesome in appearance with a rough crunchy texture, these are nicely packaged with a red string tie and a tag describing the product and the Isle of Arran.
Wearing a brimmed black hat, gray suit, string tie and pink shirt, Dills leans forward at his desk and sums up his feelings: ``Oh man, will I miss the place.
99, YSL velvet platform ankle strap pounds 275, bag pounds 75; Layered lace waistcoat pounds 65, candy lace top pounds 55, sparkle can-can skirt pounds 65, Patrick Cox brown boots pounds 385; Long fray coat pounds 165, H pocket jeans pounds 95, string tie shirt pounds 69.
Coach Dave Clarke has even pondered turning out himself or, even more unusually, fielding women's world No 3 Sarah Fitz-Gerald against David Woodman in the fourth string tie with Sue Wright, world No 15, playing the ladies' rubber.
The 6-year-old kindergartner came to Foster Elementary in a brown outfit with matching sky-high hat, blue string tie and even a paste-on mustache.
Grooms typically wear a short tuxedo jacket or a long frock coat with black denim trousers and a dress shirt and string tie (all offered in the catalog), as well as black boots and a black cowboy hat.
The third string tie of Clive Leach 20 in England's ranks against Ben Ford could be crucial with the former enjoying a status 16 places higher than his opponent but the Bishops man is no slouch having taken notable scalps already this year, beating Conna ught's Chris Tomlinson in five and Potters Bar's Iain Higgins.
In the co-playing and co-wondering, torn paper becomes a hat, a cape and snow; large sheets of paper create wind; plastic becomes rain coats, waves and wrapping; and string ties small parcels and creates lines to follow and hang things on and to move things along.