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line across a billiard table behind which the cue balls are placed at the start of a game

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Use a spirit level and the string lines to position the post - you may need to adjust the depth of the hole to get the right height.
Summit used to handle concrete paving through subcontractors, who typically formed up and poured slabs using string line.
Do this by using a taut string line or a long, straight board.
The organic growth of the string line provides a sense of continuity in the midst of the dialectical conflicts between the diatonic and serial materials.
Fasten 4 strings between the 8 inner stakes so they run parallel to, and 8" in from, the outer string line.
Set poles at corners, then use a string line between them to align the poles in-between.
The new PVP HE String line is the industry's first inverter to offer standard ZigBee wireless monitoring.
The resulting alignment eliminates labor requirements attending machine guidance through manual or slab edge string line methods, and accelerates concrete mix spread rate.
TOOLS AND MATERIALS: Chop saw, drill driver, jigsaw, tape measure, pencil, spirit level, string line 6in x 2in joists and beams, 100mm screws (measure up first for quantities), angle brackets (three per joist) Top Tip: To ensure you have a level surface, you can lay timber panels on the ground first to act as the foundations.
2 Fix a gutter bracket at the opposite end of the run and tie the string line between the base of the bracket and the outlet.
Plant along a string line approx 45cm apart for deciduous and 90cm for conifers.
Never an individual who lacked a flair for adventure, Jordan has dredged gold in Alaska, pulled green chains in logging camps and climbed telephone poles to string line in the most treacherous Pacific Northwest landscapes imaginable.
Then the excavating crew would use a string line and plumb bob to determine the correct slope for the ditch so that the water would maintain the proper flow rate and direction.