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green beans with strings that must be removed

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String Bean looked confused and, pointing at my hero, declared, 'He's my brother.
The brown-seeded bean's popularity has waned, though it is an excellent string bean and still produced by Burpee.
When groups I and II were compared, the differences in morphological characteristics among the genotypes were highlighted, determining that the two groups had hypocotyls pigmentation, emergent cotyledon, standard color, wings color, string bean color, and darker seeds color.
Onyewu said: "I used to be like a string bean as a kid, but I started weight training when I was 17 to work on that weakness.
Hence, Jarvis Cocker is a string bean,John Thomson is a potato, Harry Enfield is an aubergine and Robbie Williams is a parsnip.
Meanwhile, under the vegetable seedlings distribution, the office reported that it has already reached out to 1,425 farmer-beneficiaries and distributed around 10,000 sets of vegetable seeds consist of okra, string bean, squash, ampalaya, eggplant, upo and tomato seedlings.
Whether he's an apple, a pear, a string bean or a carrot, the shape of his body can have consequences for his future health and is also a big factor in what he should eat and what exercise he should do.
2 Analysis of Commercial Ratio of String Bean Seed in China (2002-2008)
In a bid to add to the travelers appetite, Aeromexico will serve shrimp in garlic with red quinoa; filet of beef with carrot pico de gallo, couscous and snap-peas; breast of chicken with oregano chimichurri, wild rice and string beans; and lettuce, string bean and potato salad, among others.
Women's bodies fall into four types - apple, pear, tomato or string bean.
The company also named former String Bean Software CEO, Mickey McIntire to its advisory board.
Bush is a tall string bean of a young man as he stands grinning next to his plane in the accompanying photo.
the industry leader in the 10 Gigabit Ethernet adapter market and String Bean Software, Inc.
Traditionally, data protection has not been included as a function of the storage subsystem," said Thieu Le, President, String Bean Software.