string along

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move or come along

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Gather up your strips of fabric and string along with us
iv set fan with needle 21g x 1 A' "x 1 A' o 22g" sterile, pyrogen-free, drip chamber with clear drops 20 / ml, with hose plug (luer slip) for catheter and flow regulator individual packaging,silk thread string along no.
PRETTY KITTY Cat design makes for cute bra; LACEY String along the stomach adds some feistiness; FRILLING STUFF Flowers are a blooming lovely touch; WALK THE TALK Triumph Inspiration Awards model yesterday; BUNNY GIRL This should keep your fella hoppy; CHEEKY Van-tastic underpants
Her best friends, Tasha and CJ, are no better; they cheat on their boyfriends, lie, and seem to be worthless unless they have a boy to string along.
Flip inside out, and line pom-pom string along the bottom between the two sides of fabric with the pom-poms facing in, then pin the bottom together.