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an out resulting from the batter getting three strikes

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Pedro is a Hall of Famer with 219 career wins and is one of 16 pitchers in MLB history with 3,000 strikeouts (3,154).
Both marks topped former Cubs ace Kerry Wood, who reached 1,000 strikeouts in 853 innings over 134 games.
5) Major league baseball's institutional banishing of the spitball and other deviously treacherous pitches were probably most important to depressed strikeout ratios, as was the practice after the tragic hit-by-pitch death of Ray Chapman in 1920 of umpires ensuring that baseballs were removed from the game when grass and dirt stains made them too difficult to see.
Brummett (1-0) went eightinnings, allowing six hits and one walk with six strikeouts.
25), placed third in strikeouts with 265, and first in WHIP with an impressive 0.
Darvish's 15 strikeouts Monday tied his career record; he had never passed 14 strikeouts in a game in the US, but did have a 15-strikeout game in Japan.
Given a new life at the plate, Johnson then proceeded to strike out on a full count, thus making Ryan work a tad more but providing a propitious chance for him to increase his strikeout total.
SAN ANTONIO -- USAA, a Fortune 200 company providing financial services to the military and their families, is joining major league pitcher Barry Zito of the San Francisco Giants on September 11 to raise funds to support war-wounded veterans through Zito's Strikeouts For Troops(TM), a national nonprofit organization.
If runners are aboard, an out on a batted ball has a chance to move up runners; a strikeout isn't a productive out.
But Darvish has gotten 14 strikeouts in each of three games so far this season.
There were a few variances in the number of strikeouts documented in Sporting Life (as team totals) and the total number of individual strikeout totals.
If a pitcher broke in next season and had designs on overtaking Ryan for the all-time strikeout lead, he would need to average 200 strikeouts for more than 28 seasons.