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closed or immobilized by a strike

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there remains the chance that the firm will sink into permanently strikebound oblivion.
The New York Herald Tribune, strikebound since Apr.
In 1991, Zuckerman was bested by Maxwell, who took $60 million from Tribune to take the strikebound News off its hands.
NNA - Public Administration workers are strikebound due to long-standing demands pertaining to the salary scale falling on deaf ears, PA-Employees' League decided today.
We attribute this sudden change t the large number of vessels which are strikebound in French ports.
On the strikebound waterfronts of Sydney and Melbourne, where there was more scope for the unskilled and the inexperienced than many of the other workplaces involved in the Great Strike, scabbing was a severe problem.
Historical works about industrial disputes such as FilmWork (John Hughes, 1981) or How the West was Lost (David Noakes, 1987) and dramatized features like Sunday Too Far Away (Ken Hannam, 1975) or Strikebound (Richard Lowenstein, 1983) do not generally attract such anxiety, possibly due to their supposedly fictional and/or heritage qualities.
The Port is almost completely strikebound as fewer than 6,000 of the 27,000 dockers and stevedores being at work.
New York City circulations soared with the virtual disappearance of the strikebound New York Daily News.
The journalists were arrested while pursuing reports of attacks on three bakery delivery vans in an impoverished strikebound township in western Harare.
The strikebound company continued to publish, using management and strikebreakers, both union workers crossing the picket line to return to work and replacement workers.
School teachers would thus become strikebound on the aforementioned date, their follow-up committee decided today.
He'd won critical acclaim for his student documentary Evictions, had been to Cannes with his first feature, Strikebound, and now Dogs was testing well where the money was, in the youth market.