strike out

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  • verb

Synonyms for strike out

remove from a list

put out or be put out by a strikeout

be unsuccessful in an endeavor

make a motion as with one's fist or foot towards an object or away from one's body

Related Words

cause to get out


set out on a course of action

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Table 5 summarizes the statistics of home runs, home runs per hit, home runs per at bat, at bats per player season, base on balls per year, strike outs, and home runs per strike out.
One of these control variables is strike outs (ppp) three years prior to the hearing.
Central Hemet scored a homerun at the bottom of the fourth, but Tauli delivered a couple of strike outs and the Softbelles put up several defensive stops to seal the outcome.
21 38 73 Of 276 pitchers in Major League Baseball with at least 20 Innings: Darvish rank 99th 4th 6th ERA = Earned Run Average BB = Based on Balls (Walks) SO = Strike Outs
East Linn Christian 9, McKenzie 4; East Linn Christian 4, McKenzie 0: Austin Mizsei had a pair of RBIs in the opener and Jarod Gerig pitched a one-hitter with nine strike outs in the second game to lead the visiting Eagles.
Liriano, 27, needed 123 pitches and only had two strike outs to get the no-hitter.
Our love of "the game," and the thrill and wonder at inspired play, drives us through the drudgery of practice and the failures of missed shots, strike outs, pop flies, bad passes, and muffed but perfectly metrical pieces of crap.
I was more interested in getting them to drive the ball into the ground than getting strike outs," Iwakuma said after the game in San Diego.