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someone who leads a strike

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The police strikers are demanding amnesty but the government can t stop a judicial decision which orders the capture" of the strike leaders, Robinson Almeida, a spokesman for the state secretariat, said.
Entering the Navy after graduation from the Maritime Academy as a destroyer officer, he soon transitioned to aviation, serving as a test pilot and later a combat strike leader in Vietnam where he executed over 260 combat missions.
Wings over the Waves: Fleet Air Arm Strike Leader against Tirpitz: The Biography of Lt Cdr Roy Baker-Falkner DSO DSC RN.
Pictured right is Ifor Davies, great nephew of WH Mainwaring, strike leader in 1910.
Brazilian oil workers ended a five-day strike after reaching a deal with state-run oil giant Petrobras over working conditions and benefits, the strike leader told Reuters.
The strike leader told Europe 1 radio that the accord would cover between 30,000 and 40,000 wage earners--among a population of around 450,000--and that strikes would continue in any businesses that hold out.
We had hoped Chavez would have the dignity to allow an electoral way out," said strike leader Juan Fernandez, a former PDVSA manager.
Miles away in Inchon harbor, the transport Mount McKinley (AGC 7) rocked at her moorings and the crew radioed strike leader Commander Joseph M.
Helen Armstrong was the 11th strike leader of the original 10 ring leaders.
His low profile is even more stunning when you consider one of his strongest supporters in his dark days was former UCS strike leader Jimmy Reid.
The Dublin strike leader took a legal challenge six years ago against the network which was upheld by the High Court.
The rising tensions in the mill that led to the walk-out, the death of Gastonia's police chief, allegedly at the hands of some of the strikers, and the unsolved shooting death of the popular strike leader Ella Mae Wiggins are central to the story.
Welcoming the news, former Cammell Laird shipyard worker and strike leader Eddie Marnell said he was "cautiously pleased".
Barghouti, the strike leader, is a prominent figure in the Fatah movement of Western-backed Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.
The scene of rent strike leader Mary Barbour's first victory over the bailiffs is to be marked with a commemorative plaque this week.