strike hard

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deliver a sharp blow or push :"He knocked the glass clear across the room"


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led international coalition to strike hard at ISIS in Syria and Iraq.
The public sentencing made clear the determination of the ruling Communist Party to strike hard at "violent terrorism, separatism and religious extremism", the prefecture's deputy Party secretary Li Minghui said at the rally.
Woodpeckers are able to repeatedly strike hard wooden surfaces without injury because of their corrugated cartilage structure that separates beak from skull.
THE RIGHT TO STRIKE HARD (The Washington Post, Washington)
On July 2 and July 16, at 1pm, 2pm and 3pm, Breathe Out Theatre will be performing Strike Hard for Liberty.
Hugo Chander, left, who plays Tom Mann, and Anthony Crank, as James Sexton, perform Strike Hard for Liberty, in the exhibition of Art in Revolution, at the Walker Art Gallery Picture: PAUL HEAPS
Strike hard ground with an aluminum prop, and most of the time the damage is limited to the propeller itself.
CCPO called upon Lahore Police officers to strike hard against gangs involved in heinous crimes in the city.
Meanwhile the foreign minister Tzipi Livni said she would seek peace with Israel's moderate Arab neighbours while continuing to strike hard against the region's extremists if she was elected prime minister.
1 : to strike hard especially with the hand or a weapon
THE death of Royal Marine Sergeant John Manuel in Afghanistan is a tragedy that will strike hard at his partner, family circle, friends and colleagues.
Let us be alert here; the Taliban appears emboldened by our recent lack of offensive operations and may strike hard on a contingent sub-unit with serious consequences.
I have no doubt that the Mercian Regiment will stand firm and strike hard just as its predecessor regiments did in all four corners of the world.
The Joint Strike Fighter is optimized for air-to-surface and its ability to strike hard .
The only way to rid us of this danger is to strike first and strike hard.