strike down

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Synonyms for strike down

cause to die, especially suddenly

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cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow

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The chief justice asked: 'Can we strike down the law on the basis of a judge's observation or the Constitution scheme.' Awan said that there was a unique situation in the country that a person who was disqualified by the court was heading the ruling political party.
Kolkata (West bengal) [India], August 31 ( ANI ): Following the Supreme court's decision to strike down Triple Talaq, the Islamic practice of divorce, one of its petitioners, Ishrat Jahan has been facing continuous repercussions of fighting against the social practice.
Over time, the liberal wing of the Court has often been able to form majorities to strike down legislation, usually over the objections of the conservative wing.
Since then, gay rights lawyers have successfully convinced eight federal judges that the ruling means courts must strike down laws against gay marriage because they deprive same-sex couples of a fundamental right.
Rainey, in which two gay couples sought to strike down the Virginia ban, follows two high-profile rulings by the U.S.
All of the new regulations remain intact except for the court's decision to strike down a provision requiring short-haul drivers to take a 30-minute off duty break.
Reproductive rights advocates have long petitioned the FDA to strike down the restrictions, saying there is no scientific proof that girls younger than 17 couldn't safely use the drug without supervision.
The bishops found hope in the decision to strike down three out of four of the provisions of the Arizona immigration enforcement law, but their caution lay in the lifting of an injunction against immigrants having to show papers in some circumstances, according to a news release.
If it votes 5 to 4 to strike down the minimum coverage requirement (and there are only 5 possible votes for this result), and then strikes down the entire ACA, a Republican Court will have rejected the entire signature piece of legislation of a Democratic administration and Congress -- it is Bush v.
Summary: The information minister said Tuesday that he hoped the Shura Council would strike down the government's latest move to increase wages and benefits.
This fall a federal appeals court will reconsider its decision to strike down Virginia's ban on so-called partial birth abortion.
Valeo, the landmark 1976 ruling upholding limits on campaign contributions, and expressed broad willingness to strike down all such limits.