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a shrill grating or chirping noise made by some insects by rubbing body parts together

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Tremulation (whole-body vibration (Virant-Doberlet and Cokl, 2004)) and stridulation (the rubbing together of body parts) are frequently used by insects (Dumortier, 1963; Walker and Carlysle, 1975; Carisio et al.
Stridulation sounds in channel catfish are produced during pectoral spine abduction (forward fin sweeps), when ridges on the spine's base rub against a bony part of the pectoral girdle called the cleithrum.
Stridulation is the act of rubbing two body parts together to produce a sound
Single peaks were detected in all recordings, collections of peaks which sounded like grinding were detected in 95% of recordings, and stridulation was detected in 14%.
They also make stridulation noises that may sound like the chirps of a cricket.
First analysis of a disturbance stridulation in crickets, Brachytrupes tropicus (Orthoptera: Grylloidea: Gryllidae).
Although crickets and other musical insects rasp a scraper over a fibbed surface, scientists had never before demonstrated such stridulation in a vertebrate, say Bostwick and Richard Prum of Yale University in the July 29 Science.
The music they produce occurs when the male quickly rubs a file-shaped edge of one forewing against the other forewing's scraper, a process called stridulation.
But this was really rather insignificant in comparison with the Chinese fondness for crickets: for example, ancient texts describe the mechanism of stridulation very accurately.
Uber die anlockung des weibchens von Gryllus campestris durch telephonische ubertragung der stridulation des mannchens.
For instance, a flood during the rainy season allows Hoyt to describe sweepstakes dispersal (as a log housing a colony of little fire ants rafts down the river into the Caribbean Sea and thence to the island of Hispaniola); communication by stridulation is illustrated by an episode where several ants where are stuck in the mud during the flood stridulate so they can be found and exhumed by their nest mates.
In cases where no specimens were observed and no stridulation heard, the localities were revisited.