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make a shrill creaking noise by rubbing together special bodily structures


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bicolor were made annually from 1989 to 1994 in 45 patches by counting the number of stridulating males.
These differences enabled listeners (and possibly the beetles themselves) to establish that different adults were stridulating at different times.
This is likely to apply to other information-laden signals such as vibrations produced by stridulating ants, where the recruitment range might depend on the resonance properties of the substrate (Baroni-Urbani et at.
The female refractory period was assessed by placing the female together with stridulating males on each day following mating.
Central nervous control of hind leg coordination in stridulating grasshoppers.
Archaea differs from Patarchaea by its stridulating file being in the proximal half of the chelicera (Wunderlich 2004) and the more elongated head region.
2005b), combined with recording the number of stridulating adult males heard whilst the observer was moving at a slow strolling pace (2 km/h).
180 cuspules ventrally and with 19 prolateral recumbent thorns and plumose hairs on outer face of chelicerae together forming a stridulating organ.
2004), who also found that male morphology (wings and cerci patterns) and stridulating frequency enabled discrimination among species of Isophya bush-crickets.
Each census was carried out by listening for stridulating males, mainly focusing on suitable habitat (details in Berggren 2001).
Chelicerae brownish armed with three conspicuous anterior teeth and furnished with stridulating ridges on the retro-lateral portion.
Species of Zygoclistron have the same type of stridulating apparatus, but it is worth mentioning that, while the raised crossveins on the tegmina are very conspicuous, in that genus there are no modified spines on the hind tibiae; the normal spines seem to effect that function.