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Synonyms for stridulate

make a shrill creaking noise by rubbing together special bodily structures


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japonica stridulate by rubbing terga of somites while bracing themselves against the substrate and lifting their pleotelson to the dorsal side.
2005) which stridulate at a peak frequency of approximately 5 kHz with approximate minimum and maximum frequencies of 2 and 14 kHz.
Ants stridulate with the hindmost body section, the gaster, explains systematist Philip Ward at the University of California, Davis.
For instance, a flood during the rainy season allows Hoyt to describe sweepstakes dispersal (as a log housing a colony of little fire ants rafts down the river into the Caribbean Sea and thence to the island of Hispaniola); communication by stridulation is illustrated by an episode where several ants where are stuck in the mud during the flood stridulate so they can be found and exhumed by their nest mates.
Some fish stridulate, moving spines and fins in sockets to creak or to sound, as Lobel puts it, "like a rasping file.
Many Phaneropterinae species have a communication system between male and female where both sexes stridulate, whilst in others only the males sing (Heller et al.
But in the honest-to-goodness, bug-eat-bug world -- where the element of surprise can make all the difference between eating or starving -- "it would be kind of maladaptive to stridulate before they pounce.