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a person who walks rapidly with long steps

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Some pointed out she posted the explanation moments before Trump's State of the Union address, while others criticized her for not firing Strider.
The Times reported that Strider was docked several weeks of pay and ordered to undergo counseling but declined to attend.
And like Gaffer and Wormtongue, Strider wasn't a proper name, but an epithet, like Owen Wister's The Virginian, or The Lone Ranger of my childhood cowboy fantasies.
Drilling tool technologies company Superior Drilling Products Inc (NYSE MKT:SDPI) revealed on Tuesday the receipt of a critical patent that addresses the unique characteristics and capabilities of its Strider technology for the oil & gas industry.
The Strider championship race event, now in its seventh year, will take place on Sunday at the BMX Race Track in Perry Park, Perry Barr.
Strider visited Caerphilly and Blaenau Gwent before journeying on to Cardiff, where the mascot was met by Labour AM for Cardiff West Mark Drakeford, and then on to Neath and Bridgend.
Mr Strider goes on to say the IMF and the World Bank hoped to get Mr Geithner to "intervene" on this issue.
A week after Hillary Clinton released her new memoir, Hard Choices, I met Bums Strider for lunch at the Hotel Monaco in Washington, DC.
But I realised it was not good for my health and I decided to do something - luckily my boss at the time was a Creek Strider.
The easy rider tot will be competing in the Strider British Balance Bike Championships at Birmingham's Perry Park this Wednesday.
com)-- Do you know someone who longs to be a Trail Strider but who has not had the opportunity to participate in the TransRockies Run?
The Port hired Strider Construction of Bellingham to complete the project with oversight by the state Department of Ecology.
Washington, July 27 ( ANI ): Scientists have created the first bio-inspired microrobot that can not only walk on water- but continuously jump up and down like a real water strider.
Strider DeBow O'Keefe and James Moore Bowen IV were united in marriage on the evening on October 16, 2010, at First United Methodist Church in Clarksdale.