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having the timbre of a loud high-pitched sound

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Without stridency but with arduous work, Almagro laid out the essential steps needed to update the OAS in line with changes that have taken place in the region," Sergio Jellinek, a former World Bank external affairs manager for Latin America and the Caribbean, wrote in a March 13 Huffington Post essay.
Second, I envision the 150 or so men who will be elected to prudently take huge strides in curbing their tendencies towards stridency.
Adamancy, sternness or stridency would certainly cost him very dearly.
It was full of controlled passion and a stridency which lifted the spirits.
The policy remains in effect, but the stridency of Wellmont's continuing implementation has been subdued, as have threats to employees' jobs.
Her sound is lush and warm, and it grows even more colorful as it ascends above the staff with almost no hint of effort or stridency.
The leader has a warm tone, with none of the stridency the alto can be prone to.
His stridency on the authority's robustness had been replaced by overtures of conciliation.
The threats traded by Russia, Syria, Hizbullah with Israel have reached a new pitch of stridency.
Those who knew her consistently describe her as extremely self-sufficient, and firm in her opinions on contemporary film and art to the point of stridency.
Abe's first term, in 2006-7, he showed that he could moderate his stridency in the interests of easing tensions with China.
In 2008, Obama's election elicited approval in Iran, raising hopes of a rapprochement after eight years of stridency from the administration of George W.
The stridency we see today is a sign of fear, not of strength.
Much of the book recounts how besieged Brewer has been by the stridency of the opposition to each of the measures Arizona has adopted.
Congressional Republicans may not be waging a "war on women," as Democrats have alleged with a stridency that leaves no doubt that a presidential campaign is upon us.