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Synonyms for strictly

restricted to something


in a stringent manner


in a rigorous manner


References in classic literature ?
It would be easy to show that within the same group carnivorous animals exist having every intermediate grade between truly aquatic and strictly terrestrial habits; and as each exists by a struggle for life, it is clear that each is well adapted in its habits to its place in nature.
On the other hand, the acutest observer by examining the dead body of the water-ouzel would never have suspected its sub-aquatic habits; yet this anomalous member of the strictly terrestrial thrush family wholly subsists by diving,--grasping the stones with its feet and using its wings under water.
She said: "I'm so lucky to be joining the tour and keeping my Strictly dream alive.
Strictly Live ECHO arena GREAT British Bake Off's Mel Giedroyc is to host the Strictly Live tour when it comes to Liverpool next year.
Tonight she will hopefully not be left holding the baby but instead find out who her dance partner is as this year's Strictly Come Dancing launches.
THE head of ITV has accused the BBC of deliberately scheduling clashes between Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor.
KAREN Clifton was last night facing an uncertain future on Strictly due to her "confrontational" behaviour.
STRICTLY Come Dancing has announced a new official tour is to take place - starring the Strictly professionals in a dance extravaganza.
Brendan thinks the rejection led to his axing from Strictly Come Dancing, it was reported.
STRICTLY Come Dancing's live tour arrives in Newcastle next week and it promises to be fab-u-lous
THIS year's Strictly Come Dancing competition has yet to begin, but tickets are about to go on sale for the 2018 tour.
Strictly Come Dancing 2000s I've made up my mind - you're the best Strictly Come Dancing 2000s Strict And from everyone here - and I do mean evStrict everyone Strictly Come Dancing 2000s Yo Str You're my favourites Strictly Come Dancing 2000s Keeeeeep dancing
OT long now until Series 15 of Strictly Come Dancing hits the dance floor.