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Synonyms for stretcher-bearer

one who helps carry a stretcher

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But when stretcher-bearers arrived to rescue him he refused to leave, sending another wounded man back in his place.
A few days later I visited Duffy in his dug-out: he was now a company stretcher-bearer.
Robert was a private and stretcher-bearer during the war and treated injured men before they could be moved to safer areas.
Merchant seaman Joseph Guy, who moved to Liverpool from Barbados more than a century ago, enlisted in the Royal Army Medical Corps at the outbreak of war and was wounded in the head while acting as a stretcher-bearer.
My understanding my Granddad was a stretcher-bearer on the battlefield.
My understanding is that my grandad was a stretcher-bearer on the battlefield.
They may not be aware that in WWI a young soldier told his commanding officer that his conscience would not allow him to kill another person - but he hastened to add that he would volunteer for stretcher-bearer duties.
Noreen Hill, from Warrington, is the great-niece of the stretcher-bearer, Private William Ratcliffe, depicted on the statue.
I found a stretcher-bearer already attending to Smith by the time I got back, and he informed me that it was a bloody bake as Smith had stopped it through the pound.
He acquired sworn testimony from two apparently credible eyewitnesses - Corporal Metcalf, who had won theVictoria Cross in September 1918, and Leonard Vivian, an English stretcher-bearer.
As I love sculpture, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the piece, Noel carrying a wounded comrade with his arm over his shoulder and the stretcher-bearer helping with his arm outstretched and hand poised ready to lift the twisted heel of the injured man.
Pte Kirkpatrick was a stretcher-bearer with the 3rd Field Ambulance, 1st Division Australian Imperial Force, having moved to Australia aged 17.
Kenrick might have become an accountant himself, but his experiences as a stretcher-bearer in the Army Medical Corps during World War II in the Gold Coast (Ghana) and later with the Eighth Army and the Parachute Brigade in Italy, highlighted, very vividly, the need for doctors.
One of our badly wounded men was taken to a lone farmhouse; McGregor, a stretcher-bearer, volunteered to stay the night with him.
From the beaches of South Shields to the trenches, serving as a stretcher-bearer in the Australian army, his ingenuity saved hundreds of lives.