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a receptor in a muscle that responds to stretching of the muscle tissue

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(2000) Long-latency component of the stretch reflex in human muscle is not mediated by intramuscular stretch receptors. Journal of Neurophysiology 84(1), 184-188.
(28.) Hunt CC: The effect of stretch receptors from muscle on the discharge of motoneurons.
Some researchers think endothelial cells contain mechanosensors that act as stretch receptors or, as Dewey puts it, "biological strain gauges." In this scenario, the push or pull of fluid sets off a response in the cell membrane.
Crayfish stretch receptor and motor unit behaviour during abdominal extensions.
Phase-dependent influences of wing stretch receptors on flight rhythm in the lcust.
A preparation of isolated stretch receptor was used for in vitro experiments.
This is based on the presence of hypothesized stretch receptors at the proximal urethra and bladder neck (6).
Basically, these are annulospiral stretch receptors with Ia afferent fibers, synapse in the SC and an efferent axon of lower a motor neuron that causes muscle contraction.
The muscle spindles are the primary stretch receptors of the skeletal muscles and are arranged parallel to the muscle fibers (2,24).
Yoga includes stretching and prolonged physical postures which lengthens major muscle groups and activates the stretch receptors in muscles, ligaments and joints, leading to improved physical strength and flexibility (Luskin et al., 2000; Tran, Holly, Lashbrook, & Amsterdam, 2001).
Exaggerated expiration followed by deep inspiration may be triggering pulmonary stretch receptors eliciting the classic Hering-Breuer reflex, a vagally mediated reflex that results in bradycardia and hypotension (1).
In the lung, stretch receptors in the airway smooth muscle and irritant receptors found adjacent to bronchial epithelial cells stimulate increases in minute ventilation when the lung is in need of a stretch or deep breath for muscle tenor.
Further, the lung's inflation, activating the stretch receptors in the bronchi and bronchioles, can stimulate the Hering-Breuer reflex, which should inhibit the normal respiratory pattern and should also inhibit hiccup [10].
In the tracheobronchial tree and lung, slowly adapting (SARs) and rapidly adapting stretch receptors (RARs) act in opposing manner on the airway tone: the former mediates bronchodialation, while the latter brochoconstriction.
Because large amount of blood is in the venous system so this effect predominates and there is decrease in right sided filling pressure and hence intracardiac stretch receptors reflexly decrease heart rate16.