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a test measuring how a system functions when subjected to controlled amounts of stress

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We found that, on average, the METS measured by the preoperative exercise cardiac stress test was 3.3 METs higher than the METs estimated by preoperative history at the preoperative evaluation clinic visit.
Former world bank expert Sorge (2006) defined the system's stress test as an estimate of the risk exposure to financial institutions' special but reasonable stress situation.
A stress test, also called an exercise stress test, gathers information about how your heart works during physical activity.
The stress test results show that the bank's Common Equity Tier 1 ratio (CET1) is 16.58% under the adverse scenario as at 31 December 2018, well above the regulatory minima, including the fully phased in buffers applicable to the bank.
THE Bank of England's stress tests are "worse than useless", according to a report claiming British banks would buckle under the strain of a major economic shock.
The stress test results showed that the bank's Common Equity Tier 1 ratio (CET1) is 16.58 per cent under the adverse scenario as at December 31, 2018, well above the regulatory minimum, including the fully phased in buffers applicable to the Bank.
ED TN-2 aims to provide regulatory and supervisory authorities and market players of the Islamic banking industry with appropriate and adequate technical guidance to develop, conduct and assess stress tests. In particular, the objectives of ED TN-2 include:
Fortunately, an IMF stress test in August 2008 suggested there was nothing to worry about--the system was resilient.
stress test rules are flexible to accommodate different risk profiles, sizes, business mixes, market footprints, and complexity.
According to the credit union industry's two major trade associations, the NCUA's proposed stress test rule is unnecessary because the four largest credit unions in the nation already conduct their own tests.
The American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI) is concerned about the Federal Reserve Board's approach to stress testing as applied to life insurance companies, arguing that a bank model is too overbearing for an insurer, and also suggesting that there be little to no public disclosure of stress test results of any insurer, only banks.
According to a study published online May 7 in the Archives of Internal Medicine, ER patients complaining of chest pain may not require a stress test. Researchers performed a retrospective study of patients 21 years and older who were admitted to a care center with chest pain in 2007 and 2008.
Japanese industry minister Yukio Edano on Tuesday harshly criticized Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s error-filled stress test report submitted earlier this year on two of its nuclear reactors and indicated that the government's nuclear safety agency will not assess the corrected report unless sufficient preventive measures are taken.
Primary care physicians were significantly more likely than were cardiologists or surgeons to order a pharmacologic stress test in patients who did not need one because they were able to complete the less costly exercise stress test.