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a mark indicating the stress on a syllable

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Thermal environmental stress marks have been used successfully in otoliths of some fish species (e.
And the accents, or rather stress marks, that are such a feature of written Greek?
In contrast to other dictionaries I am familiar with, in The new Oxford American dictionary, the stress marks come before, not after, the stressed syllable(s).
Garnsey shows a picture of an ancient skull, the teeth of which show stress marks, the result of periodic malnutrition during childhood.
The text of the Bristol Classical Press edition is taken from a 1979 Paris publication, unfortunately without the addition of the stress marks that are a normal feature of this series and are generally very helpful to students.
More successful, because more suited to the printed score, is the chapter on rubato where the author has evolved effective diagrams using poetic stress marks, forward and backward arrows to show accelerandos and the reverse, and combining on one score the markings of several performers.
But if you put the ejector pin or blade on the bottom of the detail you will have much less tendency toward pin push or stress marks.
This rare and delightful piece was marked around pounds 120, a price which reflected extremely fairly the minute stress marks.
If you were to set up a press to run with the same molding process for an aluminum tool as you would for a P20 tool, which would involve longer fill, pack, and hold times, you'd typically see the part come out of the aluminum tool with some pin push, as well as a lot of drag marks or stress marks.
With a P20 steel tool, if stress marks appeared on the part you would try to cool the tool more or make the cycle longer to let the part set up more.
Allen always refused to apologise for his bad language and said: "I'm Irish and we use swearing as stress marks.
Silicone fluid lubricants are said to enhance resin moldability, decrease stress marks, and improve molded finish.
Supplies silicone fluid lubricants, which are said to enhance resin moldability, decrease stress marks, and improve finish of molded parts.