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aerobic bacteria (some of which produce the antibiotic streptomycin)

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The main findings of the research were that the newly-identified strain of Streptomyces:
Local and regional studies have frequently documented the isolation of species from thermal habitats belonging to Actinobacteria, like the genus Streptomyces. For instance, Abussaud et al.
14, 16, 13 each compared with 5 different Streptomyces species, and other for 16S rDNA sequences of strain No.
Horinouchi, Arylamine N-Acetyltransferase Responsible for Acetylation of 2-Aminophenols in Streptomyces griseus.
Common scab of potato is caused by bacterium Streptomyces scabies.
The natural extracts of Streptomyces strains significantly inhibited and delayed the biofilm formation by S.
Enterocin is an antibiotic originally isolated from Streptomyces sp.
Most of the actinobacteria isolated were of the genus Streptomyces, and only two isolates were identified as Rhodococcus sp.
Over the last few years, species of the genus Streptomyces have been used to produce biosurfactants, especially the bacteria of the Actinomycetes group.
A previous study conducted reported that Actinomycetes of Streptomyces lydicus species WYEC108 colonizes the roots of peas Pisum sativum.
Several microbial sources have been used for production of glucose isomerase in laboratory scale, such as Streptomyces spp., Arthrobacter spp., Clostridium thermosulfurogenes, Pseudomonas spp., Thermoanaerobacter spp., Thermoanaerobacterium spp., Bifidobacterium spp., and Bacillus spp.
The genetic sequencing of the 16S ribosomal RNA in the strains that were not identified through biochemical profiles, showed that the White C4 strain, C6.2 strain, C7.1 strain, and C8 strain were of the genus Streptomyces, and their identification at the species level was not possible; in this work they were therefore reported at the genus level as Streptomyces sp.