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Synonyms for streetwise

having the shrewd resourcefulness needed to survive in an urban environment

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"We're dropping and we're deeper and deeper, yes because of the substitutions - we had to make them because they're enforced - but we've got to be more streetwise and control the game more."
There's weeks we've got it and others where we're not so streetwise.
"They've got that steely grit and determination and they're streetwise. When a team is counter-attacking they know how to break things up by putting you on your backside.
The mentoring program proved a great volunteering experience and social exercise for CoreNet's Young Leaders, as they paired with Streetwise mentees to exchange professional tips and skills to implement during employment interviews.
"We just played a team that were a bit further down the line than us, were a bit more streetwise and played better than us and deserved the win.
The event was the brainchild of Streetwise's CEO Mandy Coppin, one of only a handful of female flexwing pilots in the country.
He was brought up in Brazil where it can be tough and he has that streetwise quality, both in knowing what to do and being able to execute it.
Michelin acquired Streetwise Maps' assets in an all-cash transaction.
6 September 2017 - South Carolina, US-based publishers Michelin North America has acquired laminated map vendor Streetwise Maps to strengthen position as US maps publisher, the company said.
Taking place at Wylam Brewery on Wednesday, August 30, Summer Blast from the Past will celebrate the 25th anniversary of North East charity Streetwise.
Streetwise Drivers Club, the app that rewards smart drivers with deals on everything from dining and gift cards to tyres and insurance, has launched its new improvement connecting app users with Openbay, the auto-repair marketplace.
He went on to found Streetwise Opera, which uses singing and acting to help people make positive changes in their lives.
Answer Financial has launched Streetwise Drivers Club, the free mobile app that lets drivers earn rewards for beating driving challenges, the company said.