street smart

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having the shrewd resourcefulness needed to survive in an urban environment

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NC4 Street Smart is a state-of-the-art tool that provides real-time data to keep officers informed and protected as they patrol our communities.
Street Smart Project The City has a CMAQ funded project to construct pedestrian and bicycle improvements within and serving the Central Rohnert Park priority Development Area (PDA).
Shaima al Lawati, CEO of ORSA said, "The 'Wall of Road Safety Messages' that was develA[degrees]oped at the recent Be Street Smart activities demonstrated that the youth are indeed skilled and have the creativity and the mindset to attract those of the same age.
The Rimini Street Smart Proxy Server helps maximize the return on investment for existing Oracle or SAP applications.
Street Smart Psychic's Guide to Getting a Good Reading will appeal to new age and general-interest libraries alike, surveying the secrets to getting the most from a psychic reading.
Fiona Macnab, business manager of John Gulson Primary School, said: "Making sure our pupils are street smart is really important to us.
However, a franchisee can pick up Street Smart Franchising and discover high stress and loss of sleep is normal and temporary in the start up stage of the life cycle of their business as well as find successful strategies for managing stress during this critical stage and how to successfully navigate towards the next stage.
This allows responding officers to validate the crime inside NC4 Street Smart and immediately begin to fight crime while continuing to report using PremierOne RMS features.
com)-- Street Smart Selling, "How to Be a Sales Superstar," third book by Best-Selling Author Daniel Milstein, has been awarded Honorable Mention in the Business Category of the 2015 Great Southwest Book Festival.
The Classic Prep and Street Smart looks for boys and the Enchanted and Autumn Haze style for girls which headA[degrees] line the collection reflect top global trends in children's wear, a press release said.
In an era of rising national debt, Street Smart is more needed than ever as a source of ideas for more economic and safer means to look after transportation infrastructure.
Los Angeles High School student Kenya Mejia, 17, said her father paid $200 for her to take private driving lessons, but she still found the Street Smart program helpful.
PLANO, Texas -- Market Street today announced its new Street Smart Rewards program designed to give Market Street guests the ability to earn free groceries every time they shop over the next eight weeks.
NC4 Street Smart to be used in information-sharing effort for the County