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an alternative name that a person chooses or is given (especially in inner city neighborhoods)

slang for something (especially for an illegal drug)

the name of a brokerage firm in which stock is held on behalf of a customer

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the name of a street

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* Began with development of a Master Street Name List for Master Address Repository: 2001
"Now that we are approaching the tail end of our good weather, we will be focusing more of our energy on replacing missing street name signs," Joyner said.
Exit and immediately turn right at the first intersection (before Days Inn) onto Gaulbert (street name may not be visible); hotel is on the right at the corner of Arthur and Gaulbert.
A few years ago I had the pleasure of negotiating a couple of development names with Bill Quick, who was at the time the city's main man when it came to street names and property numbering.
Love, meanwhile, is the third most popular romantic street name, according to Royal Mail.
Living Streets, the UK charity for everyday walking, came up with the final 14 after looking at a long list of street names from right across Britain where they roll out their walking projects.
Lootah had said last year street names would take into account the history and culture of the area to reflect Dubai's heritage.
The words End, Cross, Side, Wharf, Walk, Park and Meadow remain banned, but can all be used in a street name if it ends with an "appropriate suffix", such as Mile End Road.
The information was provided by Frank Yates, from Binley, who is now asking for readers to share similar information on other local street names. Email your street name stories to
Now the city council has teamed up with the Odeon Cinema in a street name competition.
High Street, still the most popular name in the annual survey, reflects an' older use of the word'high', meaning chief or principal and 'street' implies a wide and paved highway, rather than a lane or an alley Across the UK's regions, High Street was the most popular street name in seven different regions and was featured within the top ten street names in two other regions.
High Street and Station Road vie for top position as the UK's most popular street name, according to research from a leading property website.
STREET NAME: "Tony" to his friends, "Poodle" to his enemies.
AppraisalMax users can search using any one, or combinations, of a wide variety of criteria: house numbers, street name, city, state, deed type, county, zip code, parcel ID, school district, lot size, phone number, bedrooms, bathrooms, fireplaces, square feet, stories, assessment, style, year built, construction, usage, sale price/date, owner name or occupancy.