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a main that distributes gas

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Anwar Saleem, who owns two buildings on the street and directs the H Street Main Street group, has been pushing for the utilities to complete as much work as possible before the streetscape is done.
At 7:30 p.m., public hearing on proposed electric rate decrease; action on water and electric capital improvement plans; action on budget amendments pertaining to Hilyard Street main relocation, conservation; general manager future replacement process.
MY WIFE and I would like to hear from the young lady who came to our assistance when we both fell together down to the bottom of the escalator as we were going up to Lime Street main line station from the Wirral line on Monday,February 23,at about 1pm.
With SDHU's ever-broadening mandate to deliver more services, hire more staff in the process, plus the anticipated headaches when dealing with a major reconstruction project at their Paris Street main office, the organization made the commitment to do away with their traditional PBX (private branch exchange) system and go digital.