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a lamp supported on a lamppost


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The collection, called Under The Street Lamp, begins with a description of how the pair first met, hence the title, and goes on to chart their wedding and their lives before, during and after the family received the terrible news.
Like your open palm on a bus window lit by the chemical orange of a street lamp.
The conference featured government officials and leaders from city street lamp management offices.
The Energy and Environment Park (Enpark) said it has successfully installed Streetsun, a solar-powered street lamp within Dubai Media City (DMC) in collaboration with Dubai-based Zala Energy and Germany-based Ralos.
By switching to LEDs, Wal-Mart estimated that cities could save 50 percent on street lamp energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs by 80 percent.
stars, a street lamp, the stop sign struggle against it
A beer bottle smashes into a street lamp in a park across from the Moderna Galerija in Ljubljana.
My parents have the same problem with their mulberry and were told at a nursery here that it is due to overexposure to light, as the side of their tree that is suffering the most has a street lamp nearby.
The men pursued them, so when Palmer got under the light of a street lamp, he quickly pulled out the gun he was carrying in his backpack.
A street lamp on the riverbank alongside the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park in the western Japan city of Hiroshima has been found damaged, following eight such cases in the past, police and city officials said Monday.
The street lamp makes a paltry symbol in comparison.
Perhaps we should stop agonizing over budget deficits and acknowledge the truth: We all want the security of well-lit streets, we want it nightly, and when we are concerned about crime we don't want politicians to suggest turning off every other street lamp to save money.
Liaoyuan Lighting also demonstrated a 300-Watt street lamp that uses Cree XLamp XP-E LEDs.
00am, I am sure people would agree with me that Kirklees Council should consider turning out every other street lamp rather than have a complete black out.
An ordinary street lamp similar to the one in Wallasey cost from 12 shillings (60p) to the trade.