street corner

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the intersection of two streets

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We find him next, or rather get back to him, standing forlorn in the cold autumn rain at a suburban street corner in Blackburg; and it seems right to explain now that the raindrops falling upon him there were really not dark and gummy; they only failed to make his face and hands less so.
"And now since I cannot conceive that ye would hold a spelling bee upon the street corner, will ye name some reasonable excuse for being at large?"
The night being fine, little knots of Hands were here and there lingering at street corners; but it was supper-time with the greater part of them, and there were but few people in the streets.
At all the street corners groups of people were reading papers, talking excitedly, or staring at these unusual Sunday visitors.
Members of the CIDG-National Capital Region (CIDG-NCR), Eastern Metro Manila, and Makati City Police Station Police Community Precinct 3 arrested the suspects and rescued Chinese national Jiang Fan Li in a building on Batangas Street corner Uruguay Street, Barangay Isidro at 9:45 p.m.
Every day as Ginger Jones Sprouse drove by a street corner in her hometown, she saw the same man standing there, looking helpless.
A street corner weed that had been decked out with Christmas lights and brought out holiday goodwill in Ohio has apparently met an early demise.
The streets include Pichon Street corner Anda Street, C.M.
The past week has seen dozens of bouquets of flowers lined against a fence on the street corner, many displaying heartfelt messages.
That we don't see them on every street corner and in every shop doorway is because a raft of charities keeps them out of those places.
Witnesses said the injured man then walked along Dixon Street before collapsing outside Dovecot Street corner shop.
These memories play out on film projections, shot with the same actors in nearby locations, settings that are also depicted onstage: an art museum, the woods, and the street corner where two characters first meet.
Teenage pop star Justin Bieber turned a quiet Paris street corner into an impromptu concert, crooning through a megaphone at a balcony window over the screams of hundreds of adoring female fans.