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a worker employed to clean streets (especially one employed by a municipal sanitation department)

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The next day, Sunday, the full length of Great Homer Street was spotless because a whole army of street cleaners used to descend and clean up.
Crosbie, a father of two, stayed with the family of a Manila street cleaner who earns $15 a week to support himself, his wife and their six children.
The 53-year-old, who has been a street cleaner in South Shields town centre for more than two decades, attacked the boys in parks, allotments and houses in South Tyneside, a court heard.
They are your bus and taxi drivers, petrol pump attendants, grocery deliverers and street cleaners.
The video, which ascended to instant fame in June, attracting more than 1 million predominately Turkish viewers in a matter of days, features a dispute between the hot-tempered 17-year-old boy and the patience-worn street cleaner, who attempts to ward off the juvenile by repeatedly barking "oy-lum bak git," or "get lost, kid.
Why aren't the council doing something about this, surely the street cleaner has complained?
A witness said: "They had gone down the street outside the Gaiety with a street cleaner, but instead of actually cleaning the place it just made the pavement wet.
They look upon government as the ultimate street cleaner and see nothing untoward in declaring the moral equivalent of martial law: Jail the sinners, elevate the saints, establish the rule of the righteous, and do it all before the next sunrise.
Most of Women's male characters have been resurrected here (some literally--like Ben the street cleaner, who was formerly killed by Lorraine the lesbian).
Myburgh's body was discovered a week later by a street cleaner who noticed the corpse hanging from shoelaces over a storm drain 200 meters from the theater.
But one 95th Street cleaner ignored city seals and it was the building owner who finally hauled the cleaner into court and reached a settlement to please the tenants.
A STREET cleaner whose selfie went viral is hoping her newfound fame can help make her dream of becoming a model come true.
As a result the street cleaner who empties these bins into a truck was totally covered in this foul smelling liquid.
A 57-YEAR-OLD woman who claimed to be a street cleaner was arrested for allegedly selling illegal drugs in barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City Friday night.
The 56-year-old, who works as a street cleaner in Cardiff's tough Ely district, was invited to spend the afternoon with the Royal Family after members of the local community wrote to Clarence House praising him for his efforts.